Sant Rohidas Charmodyog
& Charmakar Vikas Mahamandal

(Leather Industries Development Corp. of Maharashtra)

Notice :

✔ Promote & boost the Leather Industry and people engaged in Leather Industry of the Maharashtra State, Government of Maharashtra has established a company under the Company Act, 1956.
50% Subsidy Scheme

The said scheme is being implemented particularly for S.C.Charmakar Community. The maximum loan amount is Rs.50,000/-. 50% amount is being given as subsidy subject to the maximum limit of Rs.10,000/-. Bank charge of interest as per existing rate.

Margin Money Scheme

The income limit of the beneficiary is same as per 50% subsidy scheme. Loan limit is from Rs.50,001 to Rs.5,00,000/-. 20% of Project cost loan as Seed Capital will be paid by Corporation @ 4% interest p.a. Maximum Rs.10,000/- will be paid as subsidy by Corporation.

Gattai Stall

We have started to implement the scheme of Gattai Tin Stalls for Road sides Cobblers under which we are providing Tin Stall of Size 4’ x 5’ x 6.5’ costed Rs.16367/- per stall and Rs.500/- incidental charges for irrection of stall under 100% subsidy scheme to eligible Road side Cobblers from Grampanchayat.

Training Scheme

Training Scheme is implemented for the students to enable them to start their oen business, trade or to get a job. Training Programme for Footwear Designing through F.D.D.I., Fursatganj, Amethi U.P., U.P.S.C., M.P.S.C. Training Programme, Smartness Quotient Booster Training Programme.